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About Rex

Rex Flory has been teaching and helping thousands of people play better golf since 1982 when he turned Pro and began his PGA Apprenticeship under PGA Professional Tom Barber at Griffith Park Golf Course.

Rex is a gifted teacher and keeps it simple to understand.  He is highly qualified and has years of experience teaching golfers of all levels, from professional athletes to beginners. Two of his past students are champions, one on the PGA Tour, and the other a Long Drive Champ.  

Rex is also experienced with the special needs of the handicapped and can help design a swing around a special need.

Rex can also help you understand and apply the high-level mental game concepts of Sports Psychology and visualization the tour pros use so you can really improve when you practice and play.

“Fun is what it’s all about. You don’t have to swing like a Pro to have fun, but you will have more fun when your golf game is fundamentally sound.”

Cell 818-749-5904

Location of Range:


15186 Tierra Rajada Road

Moorpark, CA 93021


Mon - Sun: 8AM - 9:30PM

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